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How to create a template with all the sorting keys and this template can be transferred to another environment

Database have been migrated from Sybase to SQL Server and I'm trying to compare the data from Sybase and SQL Server and using all the sorting keys. Please let me that whether that I can create a compare template with all the sorting keys and this template can be transferred to different environment and re-use it.

If yes, please let me know how to do it? Your quick response will be highly appreciated

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DMT Support Team Posted 2 years ago

Thank You for your question. Your business is important to us. One of our representatives will respond to your inquiry shortly.

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The specifying of sorting keys is not obligatory operation. If your tables have primary/unique key or unique index it will be automatically used by Database Compare Suite to order data. In another case (or if you want to compare views) the sorting key can be specified and stored manually.

For GUI version:

1. Choose scope and start required operation.

2. Follow by wizard to sorting key step.

3. Specify sorting keys for selected table pairs.

4. Save project.

Saved project can be copied and loaded on any environment.

For Console version:

Specify sorting keys for selected table pairs in the console scenario file. The sample can be found in the user manual. Copy scenario file on any environment and use it.

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